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American Lawns | Featured Business

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American Lawns

Best Resource for fighting pests and caring for unlevel, unhealthy grass

American Lawns is an online website created to share helpful information about caring for your lawn. From equipment to lawn health, we want to provide you with simple and straightforward answers that make taking care of your yard easy.

American Lawns was started by Matt McWilliams in 2018. As a long-time homeowner and someone who is always down for a DIY project, Matt is constantly looking for new ideas and life-hacks he can apply when it comes to working on his property.

As an owner of an online marketing business, Matt has worked with many home specialists to help promote their businesses. Through this, he’s been able to learn a lot about many different and random things. He’s been able to build a network of professionals who he can seek out with all his questions.

What Sets American Lawns Apart

So why lawn care? In this day and age, the internet is everyone’s go-to source for many questions regarding their home and property. As an online marketer, Matt noticed that there weren’t many reliable internet sources that provided straightforward and simple answers to lawn care questions.

For example, many families like to spend time in their yard. Playing yard games, running around, or even just having a bonfire with friends. However, these fun activities can become inconvenient or even dangerous with a bumpy lawn. Because of this, it is incredibly important to maintain your yard, creating a smooth and even lawn for maximum enjoyment. American Lawns explains the best way to fix bump lawns with several practical steps including:

  • Topdressing to Level Your Lawn
  • Rolling or Tamping Your Lawn
  • Leveling and Replanting Your Sod
  • Replacing Missing Dirt Under Your Sod

By using one of the methods listed above, you will be able to guarantee that your lawn is free of bumps. This creates a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for both you and your loved ones.

As of 2019, there were approximately 129 million households in America; out of this number, there are probably a lot of people out there who have lawns to take care of.

While there may be many people out there with questions about how to better care for their lawn, most sources people turn to offer expensive or unrealistic solutions.

American Lawns is here to provide solutions that a real homeowner discovered! These solutions are easy and do-it-yourself. You can find answers by scrolling through our lists of lawncare articles; if you don’t see what you’re looking for just hold on! We’re publishing new articles every month!

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If you are having difficulty maintaining your yard, do not hesitate to use American Lawn as a resource.

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American Lawns explores a vast array of challenges faced by homeowners. Whether you are looking to protect your yard from snakes and pests or keep the grass healthy and level, American Lawns seeks to provide you with the solutions you need. If you would like to see what people are saying about American Lawns, click here to read their Google Reviews.