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We live in a world were advertisements are key to exposure. Luckily, there are way more platforms to advertise on today than ever before. McWilliams Media knows this, and are experts at creating commercial videos for the Tulsa Metro market. We are involved from the beginning of pre-production, throughout the process of delivering the commercial video to your target audience.

Commercial Videos

Commercial videos are a great way of getting your business name and products out in the public’s eye. Upwards of 72 percent of ad agencies suggest that online commercials, utilized in social media, websites, and email blasts, are as effective as TV ads. This is great news as there are so many platforms to share your commercials on, especially those with video streaming ability. A great digital marketing strategy should include video as trends indicate that video streaming composed upwards of 74 percent of all web traffic in 2017.

Types of Commercial Videos

There are really only two types of commercial videos, a sales pitch or a product comparison. The sales pitch method is more of a message on why someone should buy a product you are selling and what it can do to make their life easier. Product comparison is, well like it sounds, you taking your product and comparing it with that of a competitors to show how yours is superior to theirs.

What makes a great Commercial Video

When it comes to creating a successful commercial video, it all comes down to the pre-production stage. While yes, crisp and clear video and audio does wonders for presenting your message, no message leads to no commercial. McWilliams Media is here to help create your commercial throughout every stage, starting with message development. Have you ever watched a video that had no clear message? You didn’t enjoy that video, nor did you share it, right? The goal is to develop a message that sticks with your target audience, while making it so appealing that your audience shares it with others.


Results of a Great Commercial Video

The result of a great commercial video is one that keeps giving. The way that a commercial can keep giving is by creating loyal, satisfied, customers. You have a commercial message that is true to the business, and people love it, then you’ve just created a group of people whom you can get testimonials from. With testimonials, you can create reviews of your products, you can draw in prospective customers, and you can create an interaction with your customer base.

McWilliams Media Creating your Commercial Video

McWilliams Media has experienced videographers and editors who will create your commercial videos. In our disposal are drones, DSLRs, microphones, stabilizers, and everything else we need to make your message stand out and bring in your desired customers. But we don’t just have equipment, we understand the process that goes into developing the message behind the commercial and how to best deliver it to your audience.

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