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About Cool Blue Capital

Cool Blue Capital is an investment group in Jenks, Oklahoma. With a team of experienced investment brokers and analysts, they can help manage your assets and advise you on good investments. Taking the time to understand the investment opportunities can be overwhelming, so why not get professionals to do it for you?

The team at Cool Blue Capital is constantly researching new businesses and investment opportunities that they can bring to the table for interested parties. While these investments are usually higher risk, there is also great potential for high reward.

What Sets Cool Blue Capital Apart

The thing that sets Cool Blue Capital apart is that they aren’t just an ordinary investment firm. They are constantly seeking out new opportunities and objectives, from business start-ups and other up and coming business ventures. Researching these other avenues has given the team at Cool Blue Capital the avenue for meeting company executives. Building good relationships with these companies and determining whether the business can have a potentially high return helps the team decide which company investments they should offer to their clients.


Cool Blue Capital is an investment group that is always looking for new and interested investors. The group will research business opportunities or existing companies that may be worth investing in. Together, the group then invests in the entity and reaps the rewards together.

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Cool Blue Capital

100 S Riverfront Drive Suite 410 Jenks, OK 74037


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