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About Grandpa’s Records & More

Are you looking for a place where you can experience the vibe of the classic rock era and find merchandise and records of some of the greatest musicians of our time? Grandpa’s Records & More is a Record Store in Tulsa, OK that provides the music enthusiast with a place they can experience what it was like to attend a Bruce Springsteen concert and the joy that comes with flipping through piles of vintage vinyl records.

Grandpa’s Records & More was started by a Grandpa who loved music. Throughout his time in the Air Force, he had managed to collect a hefty list of iconic classic rock vinyl records. He created the store as a place to share his archives and give others the experience of walking into a vintage record store. Granpa’s Records is now owned and operated by his daughter, as a way to continue the legacy that Grandpa had started.

What Sets Grandpa’s Records & More Apart?

Rarely will you find a store that not only has a library of iconic albums and musicians but also sells the original vinyl vintage records that these musical pieces were first recorded on. Holding a vinyl record in your hands transports you back in time when music was a massive inspiration and artform throughout the world. If you’re someone who enjoys classic rock, this is the store for you.


To many people, music isn’t just something you listen to; it’s something you feel and experience. Many credit the era of classic rock for creating a whole new experience for the listener, one where they can engage, feel, and understand the music. Grandpa’s Records & More provides a massive list of vinyl records where you can choose albums and artists that you once connected with.

Here is a list of their services:

  • Tulsa Record Store
  • Vinyl Records For Sale
  • Classic Rock Vinyl Records
  • Vintage Vinyl Records
  • Classic Rock Band Merchandise


While you may think vinyl records are long gone in the age of technology and smartphones, Grandpa’s Records & More provides a place where you can reconnect with the simplicity of the classic rock era, one where you aren’t constantly bombarded by the latest news and how everyone else compares to you on social media. If you’re looking for an escape, just come flip through some old vinyl records to feel reconnected with yourself and with music.

Business Information

Grandpa’s Records & More

701 W Washington STE. 914 Broken Arrow Ok 74012

(918) 637-1962

[email protected]

Grandpa’s Records & More | Tulsa Record Store


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