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Unique Graphic Design to add a memorable impression

Our graphic designers will create a design that is a perfect fit for you. We’ve helped several Tulsa area businesses to develop a strong brand identity through graphic design.


Graphic Design plays an extremely important role when it comes to business tools in the 21st century. Graphic design is the tool that you’ll use to represent your business.


At McWilliams Media, we produce high-quality graphics you can use online or for print. Our graphic designs can be as simple as a graphic for a newsletter or as complex as an entire promotional event.


Whether you desire logos, invitations, or banners, we offer graphic design help for it all.

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Design Services

Logo Design

Your logo is an important tool that enhances the communication between your brand and it’s target customers. Your logo will convey your companies brands in a way that is not only effective but also artistic.

Print Design

A print design campaign is critical to communicate your messaging or inform people about an upcoming event. We have developed comprehensive print campaigns. From fliers to mailers, our team will create a look and feel to take your print design to the next level.


Fliers are a great way to get the word out. A flier with a professional design will create excitement and anticipation. Our team will create a flier that will make your event or company stand out from the rest.

Business Cards

A great business card is a combination of a unique design and a modern print. We work with our printers to create business cards that leave a lasting impression.

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Business Cards


A mailer is a great way to reach a geographical area or a specific demographic. We’ve created mailers for clients that are targeted to the customers they are trying to reach.


A monthly newsletter can help keep you in front of your audience on a regular basis, leading to recurring sales. We utilize a duplicatable template that can be modified to communicate the current month’s news and notes.

So, how does McWilliams Media create great, attention grabbing graphic designs?

Our process includes the following:

Clear Communication

We start with a planning consultation which is focused around our clients finding their voice and tone. We'll walk you through the process to get results that you will love.

Unique Design

Our experienced designers understand the importance of creating logos that show what your company has to offer. We create unique logos that make your brand recognizable and leave a lasting impression.

Print Design

Print design still plays an important role in advertising. Having great print products, along with a strong online presence, can help solidify your business. Our team is ready to help.

Timeless Graphic Design

At McWilliams Media, we believe in creating timeless logos that will invoke recognition and loyalty to your brands, as well as a strong sense of commitment with your customers.

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Original Graphic Design

We’ve seen success in creating quality graphic designs for clients in a variety of different industries. Our clients have been extremely happy with the designs we’ve made. We design for a variety of industries including Dental, Medical, Chiropractic, Real Estate, Legal/Lawyer, Roofing, Plumbing, Business/Small Business, Ministry/Church, and Non-Profit. Our designs are custom built to fit each client’s needs. We strategically design to create consistency and recognition across all mediums for each client’s industry.

We believe that great graphic design is great marketing. We’ll help you discover your visual voice and tone so that your brand is consistent across every avenue.


How long does it take to design a logo?

Our process can take anywhere from 15 to 35 business days depending on how intricate the design. Though build times vary, once we have all of your provided information, we’ll agree on a schedule and stick to it. In fact, project deadlines are written into every proposal.

How much does it cost to have a logo designed?

At McWilliams Media, we quote each design project custom. However, a single logo design is valued at $400, which includes 4 initial designs, 2 revisions, 2 orientation options, a color palette, and a collection of fonts.

How does my brand effect by business?

Having a professional brand can make or break your business. A great brand will create a lasting impression on your customers and clients. It can help you grow your business and create return customers for years to come.

Great possibilities

Our logos and designs have helped businesses refresh their look and branding to increase recognition and bring new customers into their market.

For a more in-depth look at some of the work we have done, click the button below.

Our Process

The Plan

We start with the end goal in mind.  What do you want your Logo to look like?  We start with a strategy meeting in which we begin to take your project from concept to design.


We Design four separate logos to give you a few options to choose from.  This process takes some time and is the most intensive step in the journey from start to finish.

First Look

This is the step in which you see our initial designs and pick the one you like best.  If you are not fully happy with any of them, you may ask for two redesigns.


We allow two redesigns of the four initial designs to help fully realize the look and feel that suits you and your company.


When we have finished designing your new logo, we give you multiple colorized versions of the finished product to ensure that the logo fits when added to multiple mediums.

What Makes a Great Logo?

Logos are an artistic element to your business that allows for your target consumers to recognize you beyond just your product. But to be recognized, you have to keep a few things in mind. These are those few things.


1. Color

According to a study by WebPageFX, people make a subconscious judgment about a product in less than 90 seconds of viewing. The majority of these people base that assessment on color alone. Nearly 85 percent cite color as the primary reason they purchase a product, and 80 percent believe color increases brand recognition.


2. Impression

Since people tend to made a decision in less than 90 seconds, you want your logo to make a quick impression. But that impression needs to capture one thing in particular, the characteristics of a product your customers are looking for. People choose a product based of off various characteristics like speed, craftsmanship, reach, variety, or innovation. Whichever it is for your company, you need that to be a key element of your logo.


3. Timelessness

Having a “Modern” logo is great, but only for a few years at best. Having a “trendy” logo is great for today, but can fade out sooner rather than later. The key is to have a timeless logo that will always invoke recognition and loyalty to your brand. How can a customer become loyal if the company itself can’t be loyal to a design.


4. Versatility

Lastly, versatility is a great element when thinking about a logo design. Your logo will be placed on a variety of objects, materials, backgrounds, and most importantly, will be resized to fit everything its on. Like we have said, the key to a great logo is recognition. When placed on various mediums and resized, the logo must remain recognizable.

Finding Your Brand

Brand Identity

When people find a company or business they love, they become loyal to that brand. When this happens, businesses can use their logo as a marketing device through merchandising it. Many companies do this by printing the logo on hats, shirts, stickers, etc. Not only do you make money by selling items with your logo on them, but you also create a marketing scheme with the delivery method being your loyal, satisfied, customers.

Finding the Right Messaging

McWilliams Media has experienced logo designers who understand the importance of creating the perfect logo that shows what your company has to offer. We will work with you on deciding what message you want shared and how we can best portray that. Our goal is to create a logo that will make your brand easily recognizable and leave a quick, lasting, impression.

Be Relatable

A good logo design is critical for a business as it establishes the brand in a manner that customers can relate to. For example, what comes to mind when you hear the companies Nike, McDonalds, or Apple? Their logos, right? Their logos are iconic, easily recognizable, simple, but don’t compete with another company’s logo. Find your own unique look and feel that people will love for generations.

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