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About Know-Ur-Stuff

If a major catastrophe struck tomorrow, would you feel confidently prepared to file any necessary insurance claims?  Know-Ur-Stuff is a business that is designed to help keep track of your assets and belongings. This ensures that you will have the proper documentation of your home or business to file your claims successfully.

What Sets Know-Ur-Stuff Apart

At Know-Ur-Stuff, they want to help you be prepared for the unexpected. This unique business setup is designed to help people of any age with tracking their belongings. Having current and thorough inventory of all of your collectibles and items of value will help to get you the reimbursement you deserve, should you ever need to file an insurance claim due to loss.


Here is a list of services that Know-Ur-Stuff provides:


  • Provides a detailed record of the client’s personal property to simplify filing claims
  • Property identification for law enforcement
  • Documented proof in case of loss


  • Provides a detailed record of the client’s commercial property assets to simplify filing claims
  • Detailed list and value of assets


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In conclusion, the experts from Know-Ur-Stuff are trained to help you keep track of your valuables, whether they are personal or part of a business. While this isn’t the type of business you see on every corner, it is surely one that is of great importance to all types of people and businesses. To learn more about this business, make sure to check out their Google reviews

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