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Matt McWilliams Real Estate Broker Video 

Are you a real estate broker who is looking for a company to shoot your Home tour or other real estate video? McWilliams Media creates the perfect home tour and other real estate videos that will help you and your client set your listing apart from the rest. Contact Matt McWilliams of McWilliams Media to get a quote for your next real estate video. Our team comes in ready to shoot with our DSLR cameras and our drone to give all viewers a 3-D view of your listing.

Matt McWilliams with McWilliams media 

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What makes a great real estate tour video 

When Matt McWilliams of McWilliams media creates real estate broker video, he focuses on the basic rules of real estate video production. Those rules are as follows: 

For a typical real estate broker video, aim to keep the final video time under three minutes. Don’t waste the buyer’s or your time, as many are just flying through listings until they find something that catches their attention. However, the price of the home may fluctuate the time of the video, as it can be longer if the property is a multi-million-dollar facility that has plenty to show off. Any Matt McWilliams real estate broker video that is over 10-minutes in length is a waste of time and investment.  

As for what you’re shooting, you should stick to a tight schedule, meaning only highlight key features and amenities. When shooting, shoot as wide as possible. Close-up shots of decor and furniture are not helpful, they aren’t here to buy the furniture and decor, they’re here to buy the property. Plus shooting wide gives a good feel of the space. Including some shots of the neighborhood will add incentive to living or working in that area.  

Lastly, lighting is key and is also the toughest part of Matt McWilliams real estate broker videos. Lighting needs to match the ambience of the space you are trying to create. The trick to lighting comes down to the time of day and proper color temperature. The golden hour is the best time to shoot property because it allows viewers to see inside and outside of the windows at the same time. But if the room is too dark, using a lighting kit will help to fill the room. 


Having the right plan will not only help you, but will helpMcWilliams media create your Matt McWilliams real estate broker video. For more information on Matt McWilliams real estate broker video, contact McWilliams media here.