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FYNS is all about you and your strengths. When your strengths and the needs of this world intersect, it changes things for the better. FYNS is on a mission to make that happen, one person at a time.

Every person is unique with their certain style in which they grow, serve, reach their full potential, and experience fulfillment.  The FYNS, Find Your Natural Strengths, the approach is all about Self Help. Using the PDPFYNS site, you find your strengths by precisely measuring four cornerstone behavioral traits:

  • Dominance
  • Extroversion
  • Pace/Patience
  • and Conformity


FYNS uses pinpoint accuracy for each of the four cornerstone traits, measuring the level of intensity for each trait on a Seven Sigma scale.


The FYNS process will aid in your Self Help process by revealing your “true self,” in means of:

  • Your Basic/Natural Self—the way you function most naturally and efficiently.
  • Your Four Cornerstone Behavioral Traits—the DNA of your individual strengths.
  • Your Interests—your likes and dislikes.
  • Your Logic (Decision-Making Style)—how you process and make decisions
  • Your Energy Styles—how you go about doing tasks or accomplishing goals.
  • Your Kinetic Energy Level—mental, emotional and physical energy. Think in terms of capacitybattery or horsepower.


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FYNS precisely measures four cornerstone behavioral traits, which are the DNA of your individual strengths and combine them to form your Basic/Natural Self. The Basic/Natural Self is how you function when there is freedom to respond in a completely natural way. Having this information will start your Self Help by allowing you to understand how you best operate and which scenarios fit your growth the best.


For more information on your Self Help guide, visit the PDPFYNS contact page, Here.