Professional Photography services to take your online presence to the next level.

Photography allows you to demonstrate who you are and what you do to potential customers and clients.


Professional headshots can make a difference in how you come across to clients, while candid photos taken for social media can show that you’re real and that you care.



McWilliams Media offers professional photography services in order to put a face to your small business.

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Photography Services


Professional headshots can let your clients know that you can be trusted and have experience in your industry. A great headshot for a business card or about page can be a key selling point to clients who need to feel that they can trust you.

Team Photos

Team photos are a great way to let your clients get to know you before they ever visit your physical location. Displaying your whole team in a professional and polished way can be the difference in your clients choosing you over another business.

Location Shots

Locational shots are great for any business that has a physical location that they want to put on display including businesses in the Dental, Medical, Chiropractic, Real Estate, Legal/Lawyer, Roofing, Plumbing, Business/Small Business, Ministry/Church, and Non-Profit fields.

So, how does McWilliams Media create great, attention grabbing photography?

Our process includes the following:


We start with a strategy meeting to communicate your business goals and ensure that we produce a great final product.


We use high end DSLR cameras and professional grade lighting for all of our photoshoots so that your final product is top-of-the-line.


Our photographers are experienced and bring a unique artistic element to the table for every shoot. We'll provide you with an excellent and engaging final product.


After the shoot, our team spends time in the editing room using the best editing softwares to give your photos a polished and professional look.

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High Quality Photography

We’ve seen success in creating quality photography for clients in a variety of different industries. Our clients have been extremely happy with the photos we’ve produced. We shoot and edit for a variety of industries including Dental, Medical, Chiropractic, Real Estate, Legal/Lawyer, Roofing, Plumbing, Business/Small Business, Ministry/Church, and Non-Profit. Our photos are tailored to fit each client’s needs. We strategically plan to create consistency and recognition across all mediums for each client’s industry.

We believe that great photos and visual elements are the cornerstone to great marketing. We’ll help you discover your visual tone so that your brand is consistent across every avenue.


How long does a photoshoot take?

The length of a photoshoot will depend on the amount of shots that need to be taken. A short photoshoot with 10-15 photos could take as little as 45min-1hr, while a long photoshoot with an extensive shot-list could take 2-3 hours, or all day-2 days shooting.

How much does a photoshoot cost?

At McWilliams Media, we charge $175 for a basic “real estate” shoot, which includes inside and outside photos.

How does photography effect my brand and business?

Having a professional brand can make or break your business. A great brand will create a lasting impression on your customers and clients. It can help you grow your business and create return customers for years to come.

How do I need to prep for an office photoshoot?

1. Prepare Your Wardrobe

One of the simplest ways to enhance the quality of your shoot is to carefully plan what all the subjects will wear.

2. Prepare Your Hair

Hair is another important consideration. Of course, photos can be edited, but this takes time. Save time and expense by following some simple guidelines for hair.

3. Prepare Your Environment

If your shoot will take place in an office, you may need to schedule a special cleaning day. The camera will pick up every speck of dust on shelves, plants, etc. in your background.

4. Prepare Permission

You will need to make sure you have the proper release forms signed by all subjects in your shoot.

5. Prepare Your Story

Yes, your photo shoot is a story. You have a specific message you want to communicate, or you wouldn’t be investing in a photo or video shoot.

6. Prepare For Business

You may or may not want to schedule your shoot during regular business hours. This can be an important part of your plan since it will impact factors like background noise, background movement, and the availability of your subjects.

What should I wear for a professional headshot?

One of the simplest ways to enhance the quality of your shoot is to carefully plan what you as the subject will wear. Ignoring this can have a seriously negative impact on your finished product. You want to represent yourself in the best possible way, and clothing is very important to the overall tone and quality of your shoot. Here are some tips.

  • Wear ONLY solid colors.
  • Choose neutral, muted, or subdued colors.
  • Do NOT wear green.
  • Coordinate colors and styles with other subjects.
  • Coordinate colors with your background.
  • Make sure the style of your wardrobe matches the impression you want to create.
  • Remember the shoes. Bright pink sneakers are probably not going to work.

What kind of photography is good for social media?

Having professional brand photos can be pivotal for your online & social media presence. You want these photos to show the real you and carry the messaging you want to put forward through your business. A great set of personalized photos will create a lasting impression on your customers and clients. It can help you grow your business and create return customers for years to come.

Our photographers will bring a unique creative feel to your project as well as a polished and professional look

Great possibilities

Our photography services have helped businesses refresh their look and branding to increase recognition and bring new customers into their market.

For a more in-depth look at some of the work we have done, click the button below.

Our Process

The Plan

We start with the end goal in mind.  What do you want your photos to look like?  We start with a strategy meeting in which we begin to take your project from concept to practical strategy.

The Shoot

We shoot your photos either in house, at our office, or on site. We bring our professional photographers and use our top-of-the-line equipment to capture the perfect shots.


This is the step in which you see our initial designs and pick the one you like best.  If you are not fully happy with any of them, you may ask for two redesigns.


When we have finished designing your new logo, we give you multiple colorized versions of the finished product to ensure that the logo fits when added to multiple mediums.

Finding Your Brand

Brand Identity

When people find a company or business they love, they become loyal to that brand. When this happens, businesses can use their visuals as a marketing device, by consistently displaying them. Many companies do this through social media, email marketing, website etc.

Finding the Right Messaging

McWilliams Media has experienced photographers who understand the importance of producing great photos that show what your company has to offer. We will work with you on deciding what message you want brought to life. Our goal is to produce photos that will make your brand easily recognizable and leave a quick, lasting impression.

Be Relatable

Great photography is critical for a business as it establishes the brand in a manner that customers can visually relate to in a way that graphics or a logo cannot. When a customer or client sees your face or your location, you begin to earn stock with them in a “face-to-face” kind of way. You are the unique difference that people will feel connected to for generations.

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