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About the Company

We had a blast building a website for Bledsoe, Hewett & Gullekson, a public accountant in Broken Arrow specializing in governmental auditing. The company is run by Eric Bledsoe, Jeffrey Hewett, and Chris Gullekson to serve state and local municipalities throughout Oklahoma.

Bledsoe, Hewett & Gullekson provide book-keeping, accounting, and auditing services for government agencies. Their precision and attention to detail are how they can manage accounts for many different government municipalities. The firm was originally started in 1965 by Kenneth Slaten, so there are years of experience behind the team at Bledsoe, Hewett & Gullekson.

Keep correct financial accounts is important, especially in the government. If you need an accountant you can trust, contact Bledsoe, Hewett & Gullekson today.

Here is a list of some of their keywords:

  • Oklahoma Public Accountant
  • Oklahoma Government CPA
  • Oklahoma Governmental Auditing Services


If you want to know more about Bledsoe, Hewett & Gullekson, visit their Oklahoma Governmental Auditing Services website here.

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