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About the Company

It was our pleasure to build a new website for Crown Office Furniture in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For over 60 years, Crown Office Furniture has been known as Tulsa’s premier office furniture dealer. With a wide selection of pieces from over 150 vendors, they continue to provide Oklahoma businesses with the largest selection of new and used office furniture. Often overlooked by many business owners, the way you furnish your office can not only boost morale but also aid in productivity and collaboration.

With over 60 years in the industry, Crown Office Furniture has carefully selected each vendor that they carry. They seek to provide our customers with office systems that are functional and comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing. The Crown Furniture team works to curate a diverse range of office furniture to suit both your budget and your unique design aesthetic.

Are you looking to provide your team with an office environment that encourages creativity, productivity, and comfort? Stop by the Crown Office showroom or browse their online selection of premium office furniture!

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If you want to know more about Crown Office Furniture visit their Crown Office Furniture Website here.


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