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It was our pleasure to build a website for Home of Grace Ministries, a Christian outreach organization serving all of Cambodia. One of the industries we specialize in for website design is Christian organizations; we could provide a website that will make Home of Grace’s mission known to anyone who visits the site.

Home of Grace Ministries was started in 2006 by Henry and Neri Tran as an orphanage and has expanded today into many local outreaches throughout Cambodia. The goal at Home of Grace is to reach Cambodia for Christ and show God’s love to any child and local they come into contact with.

The Great Commission says, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” At Home of Grace Ministries, Henry and Neri are dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission in India and helping others experience God.

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  • Cambodia At-Risk Children Outreaches


If you want to know more about Home of Grace Ministries, visit their Cambodia Christian Orphanage website here.

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