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About the Company

We just finished building a website for Know Ur Stuff, a home inventory specialist company based out of Tulsa, OK. One of the great things about working in marketing is learning about many different industries and services that you don’t know much about. It was great to learn about what Know Ur Stuff does and how much their services can benefit the surrounding communities.

Know Ur Stuff is owned and operated by Cynthia Simon. She wanted to provide a service that helps people during the unthinkable. Many times, tragedies or natural disasters can strike, and everything you own can be lost. To receive proper compensation from your insurance provider, it’s important to have a detailed and adequate inventory of all of your possessions.

Know Your Stuff can help you create a detailed inventory list of all of your belongings. Oklahoma is known for its inclement weather and tornadoes, so having an inventory list for insurance purposes is a must. Know Your Stuff can record your inventory list and images of your property for proof.

Here is a list of some of their keywords:

  • Home Inventory Specialists
  • Inventory for Insurance 
  • Oklahoma Home Inventory for Natural Disasters

If you want to know more about Know Ur Stuff, visit their Tulsa Home Inventory website here.

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