Mid-State Specialty Eggs Website Design

Mid-State Specialty Eggs Website Design

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Mid-State Specialty Eggs | Chick Egg Provider Website


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About the Company

It was our pleasure to build a new website for Mid-State Specialty Eggs. This is a company that works together with farmers throughout the Midwest to provide quality chicken eggs to grocery stores and consumers. We had fun building this website and seeing how Mid-State Specialty Eggs is dedicated to doing right by both their chickens and the consumers.

Owned and operated by Marion Hostetler and Dale Shrock, Mid-State Specialty Eggs wanted to make a change in their industry. For years, chickens lived in awful conditions and produced low-quality eggs for consumers. Marion and Dale realized that the chickens that receive quality care and lifestyle are able to produce quality eggs.

Mid-State Specialty Eggs provides countless jobs and income for farmers and employees across the Midwest. They give chicken farmers the opportunity to produce eggs and earn an income.

Here is a list of some of their keywords:

  • Chicken Egg Producer
  • High-Quality Chicken Eggs
  • Humane Chicken Eggs

If you want to know more about Mid-State Specialty Eggs, visit their chicken egg provider website.



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