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About the Company

It was our pleasure to build a new website for Mid-State Specialty Eggs. This company works together with farmers throughout the Midwest to provide quality chicken eggs to grocery stores and consumers. We had fun building this website and seeing how Mid-State Specialty Eggs is dedicated to doing right by both their chickens and the consumers.

Owned and operated by Marion Hostetler and Dale Shrock, Mid-State Specialty Eggs wanted to change their industry. For years, chickens lived in awful conditions and produced low-quality eggs for consumers. Marion and Dale realized that the chickens that receive quality care and lifestyle can produce quality eggs.

Mid-State Specialty Eggs provides countless jobs and income for farmers and employees across the Midwest. They give chicken farmers the opportunity to produce eggs and earn an income.

Here is a list of some of their keywords:

  • Chicken Egg Producer
  • High-Quality Chicken Eggs
  • Humane Chicken Eggs

If you want to know more about Mid-State Specialty Eggs, visit their chicken egg provider website.

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