Rain Maker Projects

About This Project

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Rainmaker Projects was founded by a group of parents who had participated in our children’s fundraisers in an effort to genuinely help their schools and organizations. Most of the time we purchased consumable items that we didn’t really want or need, but wanted to ensure our child’s campaign was a success. We grew tired of buying cookie dough, pizza pails, magazines, wrapping paper, etc. so we had an idea:

What if we could fundraise with a cause that also would serve a greater good? And as a bonus, what if we could incorporate education in the fundraising effort?

We offer students an opportunity to sell rainforest land to protect it from commercial development. When donors purchase the rainforest land, a portion of the proceeds goes towards the protection of the land, and a portion of the proceeds goes to help the students in their fundraising efforts. In the process, students learn about the rainforest and the profound impacts it has our planet.

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