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About the Company

We had great fun working alongside Justin Michael, a Claremore entrepreneur, to build a website for his new business, Smoke and Tonic. Smoke and Tonic is a new bar located in Claremore, Oklahoma, and is inspired by rare cocktail recipes of famous 20th-century authors.

When you think of Oklahoma, you may think of a rustic land known for the stories of many westerns and adventures. Smoke and Tonic has captured this feel so that you can have the true Oklahoma experience. When you visit Smoke and Tonic, you’ll notice all the antiques and refurbished fixtures used to accent the area. Whether you are taking a date or scheduling a business meeting, Smoke and Tonic is a great place to get together.

If you’re looking for an authentic experience, visit Smoke and Tonic. Not only do they serve rare cocktail recipes, but you can also purchase tobacco at the counter and smoke a cigar in one of the dedicated smoking rooms.

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If you are interested to know more about Smoke and Tonic, visit their Claremore Bar website here.

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