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A century of experience with the best fabricators equals An INDUSTRY STANDARD.


Southern Safe Rooms was created to fulfill a desperate need for quality well-built Storm Shelter/Safe rooms in Northeast Oklahoma. The President of Southern Safe Rooms, Michael Tidwell, is a life-long Tulsan and a third generation metal fabrication business man, has seen first-hand the destruction that tornadoes can cause after the EF5 tornado that ripped its way through Northeast Oklahoma and Joplin, Missouri.  Mr. Tidwell was inspired to begin making Tulsa storm shelter/safe rooms to protect people from these horrific storms.

Southern Safe Rooms are fabricated in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma by Southern Sheet Metal Works, Inc., its parent company. Southern Sheet Metal Works, Inc. was established in 1904 and is currently in its fourth generation of family ownership. Having 110+ years within metal fabrication along with employing only the best metal fabricators equates to An Industry Standard for Tulsa safe rooms and Tulsa storm shelters.


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Southern Safe Rooms fabricates above ground reinforced steel certified storm shelter/safe rooms that are rated to withstand and EF5 tornado, which equals wind speeds of 250mph. Installing a Southern Safe Room can ensure peace of mind that when a tornado or an intruder try to invade your home, your whole family will have a place to seek shelter.  Our storm shelter/safe rooms are designed to be installed in garages, workshops, or anywhere with a reinforced concrete slab.


To get more information on how to get your storm shelter, contact Southern Safe Rooms Here.

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