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Filling every occasion with great food and service

STU B QUE, Tulsa Catering!  Stu B Que Catering specializes in catering for various occasions. You can contact Stu B Que for your Tulsa catering event.  If your next Tulsa catering event is a wedding, reception, corporate event, or office lunch Stu B Que Catering will create a menu just right for you.  The Stu B Que Food Truck is also great for your party or community event.  Stu B Que will load up the truck with their signature items and come to you.  No matter where your next Tulsa catering event is, call Stu B Que to help make your event a success.

Contact Stu B Que today, they travel all over the Tulsa metro area.  They deliver the food that has made them well know.  It’s always full of flavor and delicious spices.

Types of Events:

  • Corporate lunches
  • Family reunions and picnics
  • Tailgate parties
  • Wedding rehearsal dinners and receptions
  • Church and club luncheons
  • Weekend corporate getaways
  • Holiday events

Visit the website:  stubque.com

Stu-B-Que came to us to grow their online presence.  We created a site with their various catering options.

When you pick Stu B Que as your local Tulsa caterer, you made a great choice. If you appreciate good service, delicious food, and on-time delivery, Stu B Que Catering is for you! If you thought hiring a Tulsa caterer may be out of your price range, contact us for our pricing on various catering sizes. We have the know-how and aptitude it takes to make your event stress-free, and we try our best to keep it reasonably priced for you.