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Kitchen Remodel | Lyon Construction


Lyon Construction takes on every task with professionalism and excellence. 


We are proud to say that we are Tulsa’s best answer for superior builds and rebuilds. Our team at Lyon Construction knows that there are no short cuts for building quality structures. We make sure that we do each and every job thoroughly, professionally, and in a timely fashion. We make it our goal to work with your unique schedule so that you can continue life as usual while we get the job done.


If you are in the market for a kitchen remodel, our team at Lyon Construction would love to sit down with you and discuss and every detail of the process. We make sure that we take the necessary time with each client in order to have a clear and unified vision for the project. Our professionals can help you come up with a plan from scratch, or you refine a plan that you might already have.


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Whatever size remodeling project you want done, Lyon Construction are the ones for the job. They service both commercial and residential clients in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. When you hire them for a project, you can trust that they will do it right the first time. The Lyon Construction team can start and finish projects on the same day.


Lyon Construction Services:


  • Commercial Remodel
  • Residential Remodel
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Tulsa Kitchen Remodel
  • Home or Business Repair
  • Efficient Builds and Rebuilds


If you would like more information about Lyon Construction for your kitchen remodel project, contact them here.

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