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About the Company

We enjoyed building a new website for Whiting & Bruner, a veterans affairs lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our team built a clean and professional-looking website that matched the color schemes and communicated effectively about the client’s services and target audience.

Aaron Bruner and Michael Whiting started whiting & Bruner to provide legal services to the Tulsa metropolitan area. They specialize in VA law, helping veterans get the compensation they deserve from the Veterans Affairs organization. Whiting & Bruner have helped many veterans dealing with medical malpractice and insufficient compensation.

Veterans have risked their lives to fight for this country, yet they come home to be forgotten by their government. Whiting & Bruner is dedicated to making the voices of the veterans heard.

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If you want to know more about Whiting & Bruner, visit their Tulsa VA Lawyer Website here.

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