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Word of Life Church | Church in Logan, WV


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Did you know that we serve clients all over the country? Did you know that we regularly work with ministries and organizations? Both of these are true! We just finished building a website for a church located in Logan, West Virginia, called Word of Life Church. As youth pastors ourselves, we love working with people in the ministry.

Word of Life Church is dedicated to changing lives and sharing Christ in Logan, West Virginia. This is a non-denominational church where everyone is invited and welcome. They have numerous ministries for the church family to engage with, including youth and children’s classes.

Church websites tend to be different than local business websites in several areas. We always dedicate a page on the website for the church’s doctrines and beliefs, and we’ll always list the ministries provided. Not only are church websites a great way for others to find a church, but they can also act as a source of information for the existing congregants.

Here is a list of some of their keywords:

  • Logan Non-Denominational Church
  • Church in Logan, WV
  • Logan Spirit-Filled Church


If you want to know more about Word of Life Church, visit their Logan non-denominational church website here.

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