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SprayRoq | Featured Business

About “SprayRoq”

Sprayroq was founded in Florida to provide an easy yet effective spray application that could fix compromised structural integrity. Currently run by President Jerry Gordon, SprayRoq is a company focused on providing structural rehabilitation tools and materials to engineers and construction companies. Their most popular product is SprayWall, a polyurethane lining that is sprayed on the affected area. Within minutes, the material hardens to form a durable application that can help restore structural integrity.

The SprayWall material allows for the structure to return to service much more quickly than another rehabilitation method. The SprayWall application has proven to last for 50 years, which is much longer than other structural rehabilitation methods.

SprayWall will take 72 hrs to cure properly, at which point the structure can return to its normal function. The spray application will begin to form into a gel after only 8 seconds, so you can watch the progress as the application does the work!

What Sets SprayRoq Apart

What sets SprayRoq apart is its state-of-the-art structural rehabilitation application, SprayWall. All SprayRoq products are proven effective through a series of ASTM-approved safety tests. They have a long list of aced tests from a number of different 3rd party results.

SprayWall has been installed in over 1 million structures. The numbers speak for themselves; SprayRoq provides the best custom solutions in the industry. This product has been used to treat over 14,000 manholes in Alabama, each of which proves that this is the best material to use for such a project.

SprayRoq serves a number of industries with its structural rehabilitation products. These industries include municipal, industrial, manufacturing, telecommunication, transportation, maritime structures, chemical plants, paper mills, refineries, and electrical and power-generated plants.

SprayRoq also has a long list of certifications, proving that the SprayWall material is chemical and water-resistant. With a quick turnaround time on projects, SprayRoq is perfect for any department of transportation.

SprayRoq continues to research and enhance their product to give the consumer the best return on their investment. This can help the consumer have peace-of-mind in their decision for their structural rehabilitation.

Practice Areas

SprayRoq’s #1 practice area is structural rehabilitation. Their SprayWall product is one of the easiest and most effective applications on the market for restoring the integrity of underground structures. This product can keep water flow to a minimum and the product is ready to work after only 72 hrs.

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Do you want to know more about a structural rehabilitation product proven to work? Are you tired of searching through products that don’t work? Check out SprayRoq’s website here.