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About The Poop Fairy

The Poop Fairy is a pet waste removal company that will come to your house and clean up any pet messes you might have. They’re designed to support all of their clients, no matter what size or type!

Cleaning up after your pup is no fun, but it’s a necessity. That’s where The Poop Fairy comes in! They provide all-inclusive pet cleanup services that leave you and yours happy with white glove service from professional pooper scoopers who know how to take care of dog doo (and more). No more worrying about whether or not our fairies will show up on time – these fairies pride themselves on being timely and leaving clients happy!

What Sets The Poop Fairy Apart

The Poop Fairy is the company that will make your life easier. They offer pet waste removal services so you don’t have to worry about stepping around or cleaning up after potty situations any more! This professional team is dedicated in making sure all areas are clean and safe for both people living there as well as visiting pets alike – because everyone deserves a spot on their lawn where they can play without worrying what might happen next.


Here is a list of the clean up services that The Poop Fairy provides:

  • Twice Weekly Cleaning – 1 dog
  • Twice Weekly Cleaning – 2 dogs
  • Twice Weekly Cleaning – 3 dogs
  • Twice Weekly Cleaning – 4 dogs
  • Weekly Cleaning – 1 dog
  • Weekly Cleaning – 2 dogs
  • Weekly Cleaning – 3 dogs
  • Weekly Cleaning – 4 dogs
  • Every Other Week Cleaning – 1 dog
  • Every Other Week Cleaning – 2 dogs
  • Every Other Week Cleaning – 3 dogs
  • Every Other Week Cleaning – 4 dogs
  • One-time Cleaning Service

Business Information

The Poop Fairy


8086 S Yale Ave, Suite 127
Tulsa, OK 74136

The Poop Fairy

In conclusion, the main goal of The Poop Fairy is to keep your Tulsa yard free of messy issues and smelling fresh. They understand that people love to enjoy a clean yard with their pets, but may not have the time to clean up after the furry friends. The Poop Fairy is committed to keeping you satisfied!

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