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If you are in the Tulsa Metro area and need help developing your Tulsa brand identity, McWilliams Media is the go to. Developing a strong brand identity is extremely important in the success of your business.

Effective branding improves your reputation, makes you stand out amongst your competition and helps attract your ideal customers by promoting your values.

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Brand identity is the platform a company uses to bring in and retain target audiences. It is also used to help a brand separate itself from is competition. A brand identity is the result of combining various branding activities such as naming the company, choosing voice and tone, and design work like colors and logo creation.

McWilliams Media has experienced members who have helped develop and build many brand identities. Our focus is on the elements that sets you apart from your competition and the little things that make you unique. These are the details that will make your Tulsa brand identity stand out in target audience’s eyes.

Effective branding improves your reputation.

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Key Brand Identity Elements

There are many things that go into creating your brand’s identity, but there are certain aspects that need to be discussed first, as they act as building blocks for the rest. Those elements are as follows.

Importance of Brand Identity

Brand Identity is one of your company’s biggest assets. It creates the base on which you build and market your brand. For customers, the same information is used to develop an image of your company. That image is very important as it will determine the success of your company by either negatively or positively influencing your profit.

Benefits of Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity that customers can appreciate and agree with is huge. Not only does it make your brand appear bigger and possess all they resources they are looking for, but it builds customer loyalty and trust. That loyalty and trust, in turn, will help you bring in more prospective customers. Not only that, but these loyal, satisfied, customers will be great for testimonials.


Style is where logo creation, color palette, and all other fun forms of art and graphics comes into play. These are the elements that enhance your brands recognition and help in marketing.

Purpose and Positioning

The brand’s purpose is the main reason for your business’s existence. Positioning is defining your target customer base and stating why your product is better than your competitors. Included in this step is market research, which helps develop the purpose and positioning. Overall, this is the foundation of your brand and everything else stems off of it.


Brand personality comes through in every element of your identity. It sets the voice and tone used in marketing material and other forms of communication. It helps to choose a few attributions you want exemplified, then build a statement to follow off of those attributes.