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About Tulsa Insurance Guy

Tulsa Insurance Guy is an insurance company serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Tulsa is located in the northeast corner of Oklahoma, a region known as Green Country. Oklahoma is known for it’s crazy tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, and uninsured drivers. This makes Oklahoma one of the states with the highest insurance rates.

Tulsa Insurance Guy can help you find the best coverage at the cheapest price for a number of different insurances. From Tulsa life insurance to Tulsa special event insurance, TIG provides coverage for the things that easily go overlooked.

What Sets Tulsa Insurance Guy Apart

What sets Tulsa Insurance Guy apart from the many other insurance companies in the Tulsa metropolitan area is that, on average, they are able to save their clients 28% off of their current insurance premiums. That’s a lot of money!

Not only that, but Tulsa Insurance Guy has its foot in a variety of different insurance needs. They can provide coverage for indivuals, properties, investments, specific businesses, and organizations. Why have the insurance coverage you need coming from many different companies when you can find coverage in one singular company like Tulsa Insurance Guy?


Tulsa Insurance Guy offers a wide array of insurance coverage. Chances are, whatever you need covered, they have the answer for you. Here’s a list of some of their specialties:


It’s important to be covered, no matter what. While insurance may not always seem necessary, that can all change in a split second. It’s better to be safe than sorry; Tulsa Insurance Guy wants to help you, your family, your property, your home, your roof,  your investments, and your business be safe! Contact them today!

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