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6 Reasons Email Marketing Will Grow Your Business

Since the boom of social media, some business owners think social media is the most effective way to market their business. While social media is an excellent tool, it doesn’t hold the same return-on-investment that business owners are searching for. The best way to market one’s business is through email marketing. It may not be as sexy and cool as social media but when it comes to the bottom line, it’s most effective and will actually help grow your business.

That may seem unbelievable, but read on and in this article you’ll discover 6 reasons why email marketing is the best way to reach people and make them aware of your business.


6 Reasons Email Marketing Will Grow Your Business


1 – Penetration 

When it comes to getting information about your business in front of someone’s eyes, there’s no better way than through email. There are more than 3.2 billion emails accounts today, 95% of online customers use email, and 91% of those customers check their email once per day. (Source: Exact Target)


2 – Return-on-Investment

The reason a business is more likely to choose social media as a marketing tool over email is because they think social media is free. Both email and social media have costs. The difference in their costs is that email is going to cost you a monthly fee. Even though you’ll be charged a monthly fee, the return on that is going to be high. Exact Target estimates for every $1 you spend on email you’ll receive a return of $44.25.


3 – It’s Effective

People voluntarily gave you their email address as a way of saying “I’m interested in you and your product.” You know they are already all in. They love your voice, appreciate your brand and look to you as an expert in your field.  Use your email list to connect with this highly targeted group of potential customers, offering sales, discount codes, exclusive pre-launch opportunities, etc.


4 – Engagement

When you think of engagement you probably think of Facebook or Twitter, but social media isn’t going to give you the type of engagement that you’re looking for with your customers. You want one on one engagement with them, and email is the best way to create a two way street with them. Whenever you attempt to create engagement with your customers through email there are two important keys to remember: (1) Do not send emails with a no-reply address, and (2) If there are so many replies that you can’t handle the volume at least set up a “From” address that you can check periodically.


5 – It’s Less Competitive Than Social Media

Think about how many emails you get in an average day. Maybe 50 to 100? Now think about how many social media updates appear in your various feeds each day. Several hundreds to thousands! You have a far higher likelihood of having people see, open, and click on your email newsletter than you do having them see updates you post on social media. It’s a lot easier to ignore a status update than it is to ignore an email in your inbox.


6 – Your List Is Your Own

Growing a following–a unique group of people who believe in the message of your brand–across multiple social media platforms is important. But ultimately, you don’t own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. The developers of the platform can decide at any point to change the “rules of the game.” They have too much information to show users in their feed, therefore they have to be strategic with what they show when and offering businesses the option to purchase ads for greater visibility.

As social networks continue to grow, we’ll see more and more networks going this way. It’s not a guarantee that every follower will see every post. But your email list is your own and nobody can take that away from you! If social media platforms all disappeared tomorrow, what would you have left? How would you communicate with your followers? If your answer is, “I don’t know!!” you need to start growing an email list.

If email marketing is a tool you’re ready to begin using for your business but aren’t sure how to get started then McWilliams Media is here to help you. We have experience in growing businesses and reaching customers through email. To get on board with email marketing, contact us through our website and we’ll be in touch soon.