Tulsa Print Design

If you are in the Tulsa Metro area and are in need of print design help, McWilliams Media is the go to. Having a well designed, effective, print marketing scheme, pair with a great logo design, will help build your business’s credibility and brand recognition.

Tulsa Print Design

In the world of the online presence, Tulsa print design is still very essential to a business’s success. Marketing materials are the face of a business and as such, they become the visual identity of a brand. That being said, even with web and digital marketing being more commonly used, having print materials can actually become an advantage.

Benefits of Print Design

Tulsa print design marketing is tangible and studies show that many customers still prefer it. Believe it or not, not everyone is very computer savvy in today’s tech-oriented world. That being said, if you have print design along with an online presence, it will solidify your business. Having various mediums to promote your business establishes brand recognition, and the more brand recognition you have, the more customers you will pull in.


What Makes Great Print Design

Tulsa print design is an art form, but one that needs to be easily observed. The goal for any marketing campaign is to create a brand, grow its recognition, and lastly, to kickstart an action. The best way to accomplish this is by clearly organizing the information in a manner that will grab and retain someone’s interest. Here are some element to think about when trying to accomplish this.



When adding color to anything, you have to remember that color evokes emotion. For example, red evokes passion, anger, and marks importance. Green resembles nature, stability, and prosperousness. Blue is serene, trustworthy and inviting. But while thinking of the emotions they provoke, you also have to find colors that compliment each other. Typically, colors on opposing sides of the color wheel go very well together.



This element is great for making sense of the most important information versus the details. Scale is not the same as size, however. Size refers to the absolute measurements of an object, while scale displays the the relationship between objects. Scale of the various topics of a marketing design will also effect the overall composition of the piece, so keep that in mind.



When adding shapes to a marketing design, remember that you aren’t just adding in deliberate shapes, but naturally formed shapes around the ones added. Or in artsy terms, positive and negative space. Those spaces create the base for your information and as such should go along with the message you are trying to deliver. For example, squares and rectangles represent equality and conformity, thus why they are most commonly used. Circles represent things of similar shape and create a sense of completeness. Triangles, however, have two various meanings. One being a sense of stability and power when placed based side down, but represents conflict and tension with the point facing down.



Alignment is like an invisible track for your eyes to follow throughout a design. While most commonly used when discussing text and typography, it is also very important when adding non-text based items. Alignment is used to create a sense of balance and order in the composition.


and Contrast

People’s attention-span is very short, contrast is used to keep interest by adding in powerful, differing, elements. Contrast is what separates a mediocre marketing design from a professional, polished, one. However, to much contrast creates confusion and  loss of all attention.

McWilliams Media Print Design

McWilliams Media has experienced print designers who understand the importance of creating a balanced, yet appealing, marketing design to grab your customers attention. We work with you to find out what your business represents and how we can combine that with the elements above to make a great Tulsa print design for your marketing needs.

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