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CamTech | Featured Business

About CamTech

Broken Arrow Print CompanyLet’s face it, in today’s world a business needs the use of technology in order to be as successful as possible. Unfortunately, not every business is able to have a complete IT department though, and that is where CamTech can make a difference. They are able to help businesses by fulfilling basic needs like having an email service, as well as more complicated needs. CamTech is equipped to help with a multitude of professional needs ranging from anti-virus protection to CCTV installations.

CamTech is also able to help businesses with software needs, and they are also able to assist with other computer issues that may arise. An average business owner doesn’t usually have the time to take care of the complex and often complicated details that can make an appearance when dealing with technology, and CamTech is amazing at working with a variety of businesses to achieve positive results.

What Sets CamTech Apart?

CamTech is unique in the fact that they work hard to be responsive to their clients, and may at times seem like they are just down the hall. Their main goal is to promote and strengthen the efficiency of every business, while being affordable for the average company or business owner. As the best IT support business in the Tulsa area, their vision is to be the best, and to help other businesses achieve their goals. Whether a business is made up of one person or 30 people, CamTech can be trusted as a valuable source for computer hardware and information systems.



Here are some of the services that CamTech provides to businesses:

  • Windows based servers
  • Windows based workstations
  • Networking technologies / setup and design
  • Firewall / router
  • Secure wireless design & setup
  • VPN / secure access setup
  • Internet setup
  • Email / web hosting / FTP
  • Anti-virus / spyware protection
  • Software installation
  • Tape backup systems
  • Tape backup service – delivery of tapes
  • secure storage off-site of backup tapes
  • CCTV installations / service
  • Premise wiring

Business Information

CamTechnologies, LLC

2416 W. Detroit Street

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

(918)  893-9680

[email protected]

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