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Do Your Website Links Hold SEO Value? A Simple Guide

A Simple Guide to SEO for Website Links

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an ever-changing field of marketing that has many moving parts. One area of SEO that many people don’t understand is the SEO value of website links. Website links are how search engines rank your site in their SERPs, so it’s important to know if they’re holding SEO value or not.

Do your website links hold SEO value? Having SEO value means that your website links are doing what they were designed to do, which is to help search engines understand the topic of each page on your site. To know if your website links hold SEO value you need to check three things: anchor text of the link, relevancy of the content on both sites, and authority of each domain.

We have seen firsthand how proper SEO practices can benefit websites just like yours. We are passionate about providing you with the tools you need to see results!

In this article, we’ll cover what SEO means, why SEO matters for your business, and how you can make sure the website links on your site hold SEO value.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is the practice of helping search engines understand what each page on your site contains. This allows the search engine to rank you higher in their SERPs (search engine results page).

SEO helps users find relevant information or products quickly and easily, which makes them more satisfied with your website.

Benefits of SEO for Your Business

Tulsa SEO ProfessionalsSEO provides you several different benefits including increased sales leads, enhanced SEO value for your website, and higher rankings in the search engine results.

The more that people can see you on their SERPs, the more likely they are to click through to your site.

This means you can get a larger audience of qualified leads coming through your digital doors who could potentially turn into future customers – which is what SEO is all about.

When website links hold SEO value, users are more likely to click them because they know the link will take them somewhere relevant and helpful for their search. This means you can get your products in front of people who need them most – which helps grow your online presence.

What Makes a Website Link Hold SEO Value?

When checking if your website’s links hold SEO value there are three different things you should look at: anchor text of the link, relevancy of the content between both sites, and authority of each domain.

Anchor Text of the Link

The first thing you should look at is how SEO-friendly your anchor text is. SEO-friendly anchor text means that it’s relevant to what people would be searching for and includes keywords related to your site and industry. This helps search engines understand what each page on your site contains, which boosts its SEO value in their SERPs.

Relevancy Between Both Sites

Next, check if the content between both sites is highly relevant or not by running a quick Google search with quotes around either domain name being linked back to yours to see the results Google returns when users perform this same query. If there’s an article talking about purchasing socks from Amazon then linking back “Amazon” is SEO-friendly.

If there’s an article about how to purchase socks from Nordstrom then linking back “Nordstrom” isn’t SEO-friendly because the topic of both sites aren’t similar enough for it to be relevant or helpful in Google’s eyes. This means users are more likely not to click on that link when performing a search query.

Authority of Each Domain

The final thing you should look at when checking if your website links hold SEO value is each domain authority – meaning how much traffic does each site get? The higher the amount of traffic they receive, the more chances people have clicked through their website and reached yours with valuable SEO. This makes them a powerful source that can help boost your rankings in SERPs.

If your SEO value is high enough, people will be more likely to click through the link to get to where they want. This makes it so much easier for you and other users to find what they’re looking for when performing a search query on Google or Bing – making SEO priceless!

How Can You Know If Your Website Links Hold SEO Value?

You should check up on their SEO every few months or so by applying some SEO concepts to them and seeing how it affects your rankings. SEO for website links is relatively easy to apply, but you do need to make sure that the SEO concepts match what people are actually searching.

Checking your SEO rankings can be as simple as Googling “” and seeing how high up they come in the search results compared to other websites on similar topics or products.

How Do You Update Your Website Links To Hold SEO Value?

Broken Arrow SEO ExpertsTo make sure your website links hold SEO value, you need to check three different things – how relevant is the content on each page of both sites, what type of anchor text you’re using for the link (does it match the search term?), and how authoritative are both domains.


While there is no exact science as to what makes one site more or less authoritative than another, most SEO professionals agree that backlinks play a big role in determining just that.

Google often uses backlinks as an indication of authority when ranking websites in their SERPs because they know users trust them. This means if someone else has linked to your site before then it must be worth checking out!

Some other factors used by search engines when determining authority include the age of the website, number and quality of inbound links to your site, how often is content updated on your website, if users are sharing images or videos from your site on their own profiles (social signals), and more.

Updating Your Website Links to Hold SEO Value

Now that you know how SEO works and why website links hold SEO value, go ahead and update any old ones on your site today. It’s never too late to improve the user experience of your visitors by keeping up with SEO standards – which helps keep them coming back again and again!

When thinking about updating website links consider these three steps: anchor text, relevancy between both sites, the authority of each domain. If all three are SEO-friendly then your SEO value will be high enough that it’s worth keeping the link active.

If any of them are low or SEO-hostile, you’ll need to either update the anchor text with SEO keywords related to your site and industry or find another article on their website that is highly relevant to yours so you can exchange links.

As long as one website link holds SEO value, Google sees this as passing along some SEO power from one domain name into another – which boosts rankings in SERPs for both websites! This makes updating old ones an easy way to boost SEO without having to put too much work into it.

SEO Services Designed for You

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