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Restoration 1 Of Tulsa | Featured Business

restoration 1

About Restoration 1


For several years, Restoration 1 of Tulsa has been a trusted partner for individuals facing the daunting aftermath of water, mold, or fire damage. Understanding the immense challenges and emotional toll experienced by their customers during these crises, their team of restoration specialists is committed to providing compassionate support and clear communication throughout the restoration process.

Navigating the cleanup and restoration process after a disaster, such as a flood or fire, can be an overwhelming task for most individuals. At Restoration 1 of Tulsa, we’ve developed a streamlined and transparent process to assist our customers in reclaiming their properties and peace of mind. With just one phone call, our dedicated team ensures that your life can swiftly return to normalcy.


What Sets Restoration 1 of Tulsa apart?


Restoration 1 of Tulsa stands out from other businesses in the industry due to its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and streamlined approach to property restoration. Unlike many competitors, our team at Restoration 1 of Tulsa prioritizes transparency and clarity throughout the cleanup and restoration process. From the moment a customer reaches out for assistance, they can expect a seamless experience guided by our knowledgeable experts, ensuring they feel informed and supported every step of the way.


Moreover, what truly sets Restoration 1 of Tulsa apart is our commitment to going above and beyond for our customers. Not only do we provide efficient restoration solutions, but we also prioritize personalized attention and empathy, understanding the emotional toll that disasters can take. Our dedicated team members are not just restoration specialists; they are compassionate allies, working tirelessly to restore comfort, stability, and peace of mind to our customers’ lives during their times of greatest need.


restoration 1


Services Offered

Restoration 1 of Tulsa offers a variety of services to its clients.



  • Water Damage Restoration


  • Fire & Smoke Damage


  • Mold Removal Services


  • Wind & Storm Damage


  • Emergency Services




  • Large loss


  • Commercial Services


  • Emergency Services


Additional Services


  • BioHazard/Trauma Cleanup


  • Odor Removal


  • AirDuct Cleaning


  • Sump Pump


  • Crawl Space Encapsulation 


  • Total Reconstruction 


Business Information


Restoration 1 of Tulsa

Phone: (918)416-6324

Address: 2201 S Rosedale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74107


Restoration 1 of Tulsa stands as a beacon of reliability and compassion in the realm of property restoration services. With a commitment to transparency, efficiency, and personalized care, our team ensures that each customer’s journey towards reclaiming their property and peace of mind is met with understanding and support. Through our streamlined processes and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Restoration 1 of Tulsa remains a trusted partner for individuals navigating the challenges of water, mold, or fire damage, helping them swiftly return to a sense of normalcy in their lives.