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Soul Choice Ministries | Featured Business

About Soul Choice Ministries

23 Minutes in Hell | Soul Choice MinistriesBill Wiese has dedicated his life to answer one simple question: what happens when I die? Throughout the world, this is a question many people shy away from or are too scared to face. However, sooner or later all life on Earth will come to an end. What will become of you when this happens?

Soul Choice Ministries was started by Bill Wiese after he had a divine vision from God. He shares about his experiences in his book, 23 Minutes In Hell. The goal of Soul Choice Ministries is to educate the public about life after death, and whether Heaven and Hell really exist. Bill Wiese refers to biblical accounts and teachings on what is said to happen after death.

Soul Choice Ministries focuses on one thing: getting people into the Kingdom of Heaven. Many people don’t really know what to think about Heaven, but when you mention Hell, everyone seems to have an opinion. If a vision for Hell is so world-renowned, shouldn’t Heaven be to?

What Sets Soul Choice Ministries Apart

Soul Choice Ministries is set apart from other Christian ministries in the fact that Bill Wiese does not shy away from teaching on Hell. Many religious organizations avoid nitty-gritty details in fear that someone will be offended or something will be too dark.

The fact is Hell is dark! Soul Choice Ministries wants to keep people out of an eternal life of fire and pain. By teaching on this fear that people have, it will help others to have a better understanding of what Hell is and why it exists.


Soul Choice Ministries strives to share the truth about eternal life with others. The ministry does this through a number of different avenues:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Blog
  • Books
  • Dvds

If you are questioning your beliefs or wondering more about what happens after death, going through Tulsa counseling will help to make things clearer.

Business Information

If you’d like to know more about Soul Choice Ministries, check out the information below!

Soul Choice Ministries

P.O. Box 26588

Santa Ana, CA 92799