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Digital Marketing in 2019: Ways to Up Your Digital Strategy


Customers are becoming savvier every day and work hard to not to be “sold”. This means that with each purchasing decision made, buyers are looking for some added value beyond the sale; perhaps a connection, relationship and better understanding of their needs. A couple of great tactics used to gain a better relationship with your potential customers is:

Reevaluate Your Messaging

Simplify your messaging and make sure that your website can be scanned within 10 seconds so a potential customer can understand what you have to offer. Your message should focus on your customer’s story and position your business as their guide. Keep your focus on building an authentic relationship with customers versus simply growing your business. The benefits of taking the time to care for your customers will highly benefit you in the end.

Simplifying Your Business Practices by Using Automation

Automation is drastically changing the way businesses communicate with customers and the way customers expect to interact with businesses. There are a couple of key ways to utilize automation in order to streamline your digital marketing efforts and ensure that no sale is left behind.

  1. Live chat & chatbots are wonderful ways to expand your business’ reach without having to hire more staff. This also provides an on-call service that will answer basic questions at all hours for potential customers.
  2. Voice search technology like Alexa or Google Home is going to provide your business with plenty of marketing opportunities with you having to do a thing!

Using Video as Your Main Communication Tool

Video is not going anywhere. The speed in which content is being created is growing rapidly with everyone having the ability to become a YouTube star. Video, in particular, is morphing the way businesses and customers communicate. Consider the following ideas:

  1. Video is not just for web pages and social media, but a great effective tactic to include in your email marketing. This means that aside from regular text, you can either embed or link to a video of you speaking to the reader and sharing your message. This brings you into someone’s office or home, simply through email.
  2. Welcome videos are a wonderful way to instantly begin a relationship with a new subscriber. Sending a 10-second custom video to a customer is a revolutionary form of contact and will also help ensure some deals. This is a wonderful tactic for realtors, counselors, and any other service that eventually hopes to build a relationship. This can be done through a quick casual video on your phone, or even through apps that service this exact purpose.
  3. Video will ensure higher ratings on Google, better algorithms, and will increase the chances of your emails being opened. Don’t overthink video. Instead, realize it is a way to show how authentic your business is!

Digital marketing leaves a lot of space for creativity. Ultimately, customers are looking for a clear message and efficient ways to communicate so they can learn about your business. What better way to do this than to reevaluate your messaging, take advantage of atomization options, and use the resources at your fingertips to create simple videos!

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