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Increasing Your Opens

First impressions are important – in person and online. Email subject lines are basically your business’ first impression to new and potential clients. They are the first thing a person sees when combing through their inbox, and many times they are the deciding factor in whether to click it or trash it.

Most recipients (69%) determine whether or not an email is spam based on the subject line. Because of this, it is important that subject lines sounds legitimate and important.

Make sure that:

  • Your subject lines don’t sound overly sales-driven.
  • You don’t send too many emails that sound like spam.
  • You realize how important a good subject line is.


Email subject lines are similar to news headlines – they are meant to grab the reader’s attention. People are attracted to emotions. Depending on the purpose of your email, it is vital to understand what emotion best speaks to your market.



  • Deadlines
    •  Deadlines and “limited time” messaging can inspire immediate action.
      Example: Successful marketers will open this … before time runs out.
  • The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
    • The “fear of missing out” is real, and no one wants to miss out on something good.
      Example: Limited spots available! Claim yours now.
  • Pose a Potential Consequence
    •  Show your reader that it’s in their best interest to read what you have to say.
      Example: Don’t let your lawn suffer under the summer sun.



  • Cliffhanger
    •  Leave out enough detail to instill interest, without telling the whole story.
      Example: Bob’s lawn got greener than ever using
  • Being with the End
    • Offer readers a conclusion that leaves them wondering how the story starts.
      Example: How did Bob’s lawn get so green?
  • Question
    • Start with a question that can only be answered by opening your email.
      Example: What’s new at Bob’s Lawn Care Emporium?



  • Verbs
    • Use language that encourages people to take action.
      Example: Blast your abs for less at Dave’s Gym
  • VIP Feeling
    •  Everyone loves feeling like they have important information. Make your reader’s feel the same way by giving them an “inside scoop”.
      Example: Can you keep a secret? Here’s some cool news coming soon …
  • Make ‘Em an Offer They Can’t Refuse
    • Use an accurate, but hard-to-believe, statistic or incredible offer to generate excitement.
      Example: Did you know 73% of clients see improvement using this tactic? 



  • Emojis
    • A well-placed emoji can be great for getting a chuckle, or showing that you are on-trend.
      Example: Aloha! Try our NEW Hawaiian BBQ Ribs 
  • Humor
    •  Laughter is good for your health. Put people in a good mood and they’ll react more positively to your content.
      Example: So three marketers walk into a bar …
  • Do Good Feel Good
    •  In the world we live today, people are all about giving back. Give your reader the opportunity to give to a good cause.
      Example: Make a difference with us for our local animal shelter


Overall, there are a few staple rules that are important to remember when writing subject lines:

  1. Don’t Reuse Subject Lines
  2. Try to Keep Your Subject 5-7 Words Long
  3. Don’t Sound Like an Ad
  4. Use Verbs
  5. Use Humor
  6. Surprise Them with a Stat
  7. Be Clear
  8. Be Human
  9. Don’t Yell


Subject lines are tough, but they have a lot of potential. Often, writing short and concisely is harder than elaborating. Don’t make your client read everything in the subject line – keep the meat of what you want to say for the body of your email.

So above all else, keep it simple! Try different techniques out to see what works best for your business, and repeat what you like.