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Old School vs New School Marketing

What’s going on with marketing these days?

Let’s talk about old school marketing for a minute. We when we say old school, we are referring to the traditional channels that people in my generation grew up with-radio commercials, newspaper ads, flyers and posters hanging in windows.  When those avenues were all we had, they worked, but not any more. Marketing is still about influencing people to buy your product or service but there has been a fundamental shift in marketing.

Old School of marketing said, “Here’s my ad, read it.”

New School of Marketing says, “Let’s talk.”

For new school marketing, our focus is now to engage people, create opportunities for interaction, invite people to respond, vote, review, and to express themselves.

Marketing in the social media world no longer consists of the old school one-way flow. This new marketing involves giving people a reason to be interested in your products, your news and your articles. You are building a community of loyal fans by engaging them and giving them content that they appreciate.

There’s also a mind shift in what marketing is really about- it’s not just about products anymore.  You’ll have to get over the idea that it’s about advertising in this venue. Sure, some people are still pushing ads on social media to create a buzz about their product, but the most successful social media marketers are creating communities. And then when they need something that you sell – well – you’re already friends, aren’t you? Who are they going to call?