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How To Make Your Story Transparent

I am, by nature, a curious person. If I’m enjoying a good book, for example, I want to know all about the author. I’ll Google them and find out where they live, how old they are, what their life is like and any other details about them and their business or family.

Why? I don’t do that for the shear sake of stalking them, (although that’s really what it sounds like!) I do that because I want to feel a connection with them. They’re writing something that intrigues me and I want to find out more about them and what they stand for. I’m trying to find some common ground so I can relate to them on a personal level. I’m looking for transparency from them.

I venture to say that even you, when you’ve seen a successful business or witty invention that’s becoming mainstream, become curious as to how it all started.  I would also say that because you’re reading this, you too have a business or an online product that has launched. What do you think people really want to see when you start to climb the success ladder and begin to make a name for yourself? Yes, you guessed it. Transparency.

They want to know how it all started for you. They are looking for someone that was once a no one become something great in their niche market. They are looking for inspiration from you- and you have that to offer. Your story is a powerful one that needs to be shared.

The ups and downs of your business is inspiration and motivation to others. How you overcame the obstacles in your market and what you found that worked or didn’t work are what draws people not only to your business, but the real, live person behind it.

The old school of thought was that meeting face-to-face was the only way to build trust in you and your product. Although the methods of advertising have changed, one thing still remains true. People want connection with people. When you become transparent with your audience, you are no longer the face behind the curtain, but someone making a relationship with someone else. Authenticity and transparency will win every time.